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Janne Louhivuori (born 1954) is a Finnish musician, composer and producer.

Initially he was musically inspired by guitar bands from the 60’s like The Shadows, The Ventures and a Finnish band called The Sounds. Very soon after that The Beatles blew his mind by their amazing songs and spellbinding sound.

Louhivuori started his professional career as a guitarist in the 70’s and since then he has played in several Finnish bands. At that time he was also an acknowledged studio musician.

British blues from the 60’s as well as American rock ’n’ roll, country and jazz have influenced in Louhivuori’s style in playing guitar.

He has worked as a producer since the 80’s and collaborated with several Finnish top bands. Louhivuori has also composed and procuced music for television programs and movies in his Louhipaja studio.

Nowadays he tours with his Yin’n’Twang band playing instrumental music. He is also a member of a popular kids’ band called Mr. Hayhill’s Barn Orchestra and a guitarist in Tulipalo band led by a famous Finnish singer-songwriter Heikki Salo.


Janne Louhivuori has released several solo albums including instrumental music.


Janne Louhivuori - kitaristi, säveltäjä, sovittaja, tuottaja.